Real Gold

"Now this is the life! No hard times, the easy life. We have all of the things we want.

No, actually it's what we 'need' to be happy

That's what Real Gold' is. It's that 'something' which we need to bring us happiness in life."

...Mitch Johnson                 

Join in the chase with the team of F.B.I. Agents who are trying to solve a mysterious series of 'Perfect Crimes'. Always

a couple of steps behind and racing against the clock, the team works at finding and assembling the clues of the

puzzle which holds the answer to stopping the criminals before more innocent citizens lose their lives.

What is the one 'something' you want the most in your life? If you had to choose the one 'something' that has or would

have the most value to you, what would it be? Would it be money, gold, diamonds, drugs, family, sex, power, fame,

knowledge,education, religion, or would it be something else? How far would you go, what would you be willing to do

to obtain it and what would you be willing to risk to keep it? 

That 'something' which is called 'Real Gold'.

'Real Gold' is Part 1 of the 3 Part Series

'The Golden Trilogy'

Updated & Re-Edited!

The Kindle Edition E-Book available at:


The 6" x 9" Paperback is available at:

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Story contains; 279 Pages, 79,709 Words, 32 Chapters.

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