cam-ou-flage [kam-uh-flahzh]; Noun, Adjective, Verb. French Origins, Circa 1915-1920AD/CE:

Camouflage: To disguise, conceal, hide. To lie, distort, deceive.

What you see, is not what it seems.

What you know as fact, is not true.

Follow the team of Agents from a super secret government organization, as they try to cut through the camouflage to reveal the truth.

Mission: Stay alive long enough to save a top U.S. Official and prevent a worldwide release of a new, unstoppable, and extremely deadly biological weapon which threatens to send the world back into the stone age.

Paperback Version is 6" x 9".

530 Pages

More than 170,250 Words

50 chapters

Barnes & Nobel

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