Some readers have asked me for information about myself.

I have too many interests and hobbies! No, Really I do! So here are some facts about some of my interests.

Family, Bible study, Writing Murder/Mystery/Action Novels, History, Chess (See Link below to my Favorite Game site), Martial Arts-Self Defense, Jujitsu,Computers,Linux Operating Systems (Linux Mint is my preferred favorite at this time), Bicycling on my Detour 4.5 road bike, Auto Racing (Formula 1 & GT), Photography, Ice Hockey, Aviation (Full Scale & R/C. Design, Flying and Simulation) & Aerodynamics, and Sciences like Physics (Empirical and Theoretical), Micro & Macro Biology, Astronomy, Military Strategy and Tactics, Wood Working, just to name a few!    

I have published a New Card Game called, Steeple-Chase.

Check it out at

I also like to design and build new Devices, Contraptions and Gizmos for use around my house and possibly for Commercial uses. I have a partially completed a new design type of a Wind-Driven Turbine Electrical-Generator! It is different from every Wind Turbine I have seen so far. It has several advantages take make it much easier to Build, Use and Maintain! I guess I'll stop here for now.

Your right, I don't sleep much :-)

I am a member of

Alfred Hitchcock is, in my opinion, the greatest mystery movie director ever. He earned the nickname 'The Author of Suspense' due to his style of story telling.

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